Chris Chaikin is a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Registered Nurse and Skin Care Specialist.

Her passion for Pilates began in the late 1990s.  Long story short, the first time she got on a reformer she was hooked! It was one of those things when you do not realize how crummy you were feeling, till you start feeling better!

As a BSN Registered Nurse, she has worked in the Health Care industry for over 25 years.  And as a health care provider and a caregiver, when you discover something that is so powerful in helping others to feel good and to get more joy out of life you want to share it!

So after 7-8 years of practice, she decided to do the work and become an Instructor.

She enjoys teaching and helping others find their balance. She believes no matter what your fitness level, Pilates can help you live a balanced life and is a powerful tool to keep healthy, pain-free, active, and feeling and looking good!

Her interest in skincare began as a combination of looking for solutions for her own personal skincare challenges and a fascination and curiosity about the science behind skin health and aesthetics. "It is super cool what is available to us in the skincare industry. The rapid improvements that can be achieved in one's appearance are super gratifying to share!"

 In 2003 She earned her certification in the field of Medical Aesthetics.  She continues to attend training's and seminars regularly keeping up with the latest advancements in this exciting field of Medical Aesthetics.

Originally from Wisconsin, She and her husband moved to Maui in 2014.  She has 3 adult sons, (one lives on Maui) and a Goldendoodle named Annie.  In addition to practicing Pilates and learning new things, She enjoys hanging out with friends and family, hiking, walking on the beach, dance, Golf, crafting, reading and watching movies.