Classes We Offer

Happy Cheeks

Group Reformer

The resistance of the Reformer makes your Pilates work out more dynamic and fluid. Strengthen your core, improve your balance and your posture.  Energize your body and build long lean muscles. A reformer workout is known for helping relieve pain and discomfort caused by poor posture and repetitive movements. Reform your body today!

Duet Pilates Session

Share a Pilates session with a friend!  Your work out will be customized based on your individual program needs.  Can't make a class time? Find a time that fits your schedule better.

Group Reformer Workout

Private Pilates Instruction

You may prefer taking private lessons if; you have a certain challenge you would like to work on in a private setting, if you are looking for an advanced session, or if you just prefer it. 


Performing Pilates exercises on the Mat strengthens your core, strengthens the body and produces long, lean, balanced muscles.  Props may be used to assist in finding your correct form or to increase the challenge.

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